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At Shiloh Melbourne, we’re proud to set new standards of kosher family dining in Australia and prove that kosher cuisine can be both family friendly, affordable and high quality at the same time. You can expect first-class service and enticing menu selections and still be treated to a casual dining experience you can enjoy again and again.

Our venue

Our versatile space and elegant décor is well suited for private events such as Shabbat dinner functions, birthdays, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, small weddings, Sheva Brachots, memorable dinner parties, corporate events or a get together with friends and family. Our venue doesn’t trade on Saturdays but is available for private events from dusk.

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The story of Ilana Glasman and International Executive Chef Yacov

The story of Ilana Glasman and International Executive Chef Yacov

With compliments to the chef… The words which lead to forming the shidduch/match which brought the wonderful couple who have taken on the reigns behind the driver’s seat of our iconic Caulfield venue together 11 years ago.

Sharing the journey of life, our Chef Yacov and Director Ilana Glasman met through a passion for food one unlikely afternoon in Tel Aviv where Ilana frequently dined and sent regards for the wonderful cuisine, passing on messages from the waiters to the back of house “complements to the chef”.

The day Chef Yacov and Ilana caught eyes instantly led to a long conversation that began their lifelong bond over food which brought the new found couple across the seas to Australia.

Fast forward to the present time, over a decade later, their shared gluttonous passion for dining and flavour is now accessible for all to enjoy as they welcome diners to the highly regarded Mediterranean dining institution that is Shiloh Melbourne and fuse their tastes into the menu for all to indulge in!


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